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Yes! We have the “usual” benefits that you need: medical, dental, vision, and more.

Here are some things we do differently:

PROMOTE OUR OWN: We strive to promote from within as much as possible. We offer training and educational assistance programs to help you achieve more in your career with us.

JOB SHADOWING: We want you to know more about other areas of the Bank. Learn what makes us great by shadowing other roles and departments!

BENEFITS FOR PART-TIMERS: Yes – we offer medical, dental, 401k, PTO and other benefits to part time employees (down to 20 hours/week).

CONTRIBUTIONS TO YOUR FUTURE: We’ll match your Health Savings Account contributions AND we start matching your 401k contributions starting after just 6 months –  PLUS we offer an additional 401k discretionary match. This means your retirement benefit builds for your future.

PAID TIME OFF: Employees enjoy a generous paid time off program – generally, 17 days of PTO after 6 months.

YOUR WELL-BEING MATTERS TO US: We promote the well-being of our employees through a variety of activities such as free flu shots, on-site Weight Watchers meetings, participating in a number of walks/runs/climbs, and more.